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Aqualis Water Filter Jug – Blue & White


Get the Aqualis water filter jug in blue and white. Enjoy clean and refreshing water with this stylish and effective jug. Perfect for your home or office.



The Aqualis Water Channel Container in Blue & White is the culminate arrangement for clean and reviving water in Pakistan. This high-quality container highlights progressed filtration innovation that evacuates pollutions and upgrades the taste of your drinking water. With its smooth plan and strong development, the Aqualis Water Channel Container is both useful and stylishly satisfying, making it a must-have for any advanced kitchen.

Highlights & Benefits:

Progressed Filtration Innovation: The Aqualis Water Channel Container is prepared with progressed filtration innovation that viably evacuates contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and other destructive substances, guaranteeing you get clean and solid water each time.

Upgraded Taste: By evacuating pollutions and odors, this container essentially moves forward the taste of your tap water, making it more agreeable to drink. Say farewell to unsavory aftertastes and hi to immaculate refreshment.

Expansive Capacity: With a liberal capacity of XX liters, the Aqualis Water Channel Container can give you and your family with an adequate supply of sifted water, lessening the require for visit refills.

Easy-to-Use Plan: The container highlights a helpful flip-top cover for easy pouring and a comfortable handle for simple hold and control. Its thin profile permits for simple capacity within the fridge entryway.

Long-lasting Channel: The included channel cartridge has an noteworthy life expectancy of XX gallons, guaranteeing long-term reserve funds compared to buying bottled water. It is effectively replaceable, with a basic twist-and-lock component.


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