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Discover the Turbo Flex 360 Faucet Sprayer, a flexible and versatile accessory for your sink. Easily switch between spray and stream modes. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with this convenient tool.



Presenting the TURBO FLEX 360 Adaptable Spigot Sprayer in Pakistan. The extreme arrangement for easy and flexible kitchen and washroom cleaning. This imaginative sprayer is outlined to supply the most extreme adaptability. Comfort, changing your customary spigot into an effective cleaning instrument.

With its 360-degree turning head, the TURBO FLEX 360 permits you to effortlessly reach each niche. Corner, guaranteeing a careful and proficient cleaning involvement. The adaptable hose expands up to 48 inches, giving you the freedom to clean indeed the foremost hard-to-reach regions with ease.

Highlighting a high-pressure water stream, the TURBO FLEX 360 viably evacuates adamant soil, grime, and stains. From washing dishes to flushing vegetables, this sprayer conveys a consistent and capable stream of water, making your everyday cleaning errands a breeze.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

Flexible Cleaning: The TURBO FLEX 360 is appropriate for a wide run of cleaning errands. Utilize it to clean dishes, wash natural products and vegetables, wash sinks and countertops, and more. Its adaptability and comfort make it a must-have apparatus for any kitchen or lavatory.

Simple Establishment: Introducing the TURBO FLEX 360 is speedy and easy. Essentially join it to your existing spigot, and you’re prepared to go. No extra devices or complicated enlightening are required.

Movable Water Stream: Control the water stream with ease. The TURBO FLEX 360 highlights a helpful on/off switch and a stream control handle, permitting you to alter the water weight agreeing to your needs.

Tough and Long-lasting: Created from high-quality materials, the TURBO FLEX 360 is built to resist day-by-day utilize. Its tough development guarantees strength and life span, giving you a dependable cleaning arrangement for a long time to come.

Compact and Space-saving: The TURBO FLEX 360 is planned to be compact and space-saving. Its adaptable hose can be effectively coiled and put away when not in utilization, making a difference you keep your kitchen or washroom clutter-free.


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