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DarkFlash Twister DX240 V2 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler


Get the Twister DX240 V2 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler for efficient cooling. Enhance your PC’s performance with this high-quality cooling solution.


Upgrade your computer’s cooling execution with the DarkFlash Tornado DX240 V2 AIO Fluid CPU Cooler. This progressed cooling arrangement is outlined to keep your CPU running at ideal temperatures indeed amid strongly gaming sessions or requesting errands. With its smooth plan and capable execution, the DarkFlash Tornado DX240 V2 is the idealize choice for gamers, overclockers, and PC devotees.

Highlights & Benefits:

Proficient Cooling: The DarkFlash Tornado DX240 V2 highlights a double 240mm radiator with high-density blades and double 120mm RGB fans. This capable combination guarantees greatest warm scattering and productive cooling for your CPU.

All-in-One Arrangement: This AIO fluid CPU cooler is an all-in-one arrangement, which implies it comes pre-filled and doesn’t require any support or refilling. Basically introduce it on your CPU, and it’s prepared to go.

RGB Lighting: Include a touch of fashion to your gaming fix with the dynamic RGB lighting on the DarkFlash Tornado DX240 V2. The RGB fans and pump can be customized with different lighting impacts and colors to coordinate your setup.

Moo Commotion Operation: The DarkFlash Tornado DX240 V2 is outlined for calm operation, much obliged to its low-noise fans and pump. Appreciate a tranquil computing encounter without any diverting commotion.

Simple Establishment: With its widespread mounting pack and user-friendly plan, introducing the DarkFlash Twister DX240 V2 could be a breeze. The included establishment manual gives step-by-step informational, making it available for both apprentices and experienced PC builders.


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