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Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 RGB CPU Cooler


Discover the powerful Xigmatek Windpower RGB CPU Cooler that maximizes cooling efficiency. Upgrade your system with this high-performance cooler today!


The Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 RGB CPU Cooler may be a high-performance cooling arrangement planned to improve the effectiveness and life span of your computer’s central handling unit (CPU). With its progressed innovation and smooth plan, this CPU cooler gives prevalent cooling execution whereas including a touch of fashion to your gaming or workstation setup.

Highlighting a vigorous development and optimized wind current, the Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 effectively scatters warm produced by your CPU, guaranteeing ideal execution indeed amid strongly computing errands. The RGB lighting framework includes a dynamic and customizable visual component, permitting you to personalize your computer with dazzling lighting impacts.

This CPU cooler is prepared with a effective fan that works quietly, keeping commotion levels to a least whereas keeping up amazing cooling effectiveness. The fan’s movable speed settings empower you to discover the culminate adjust between execution and calm operation, guaranteeing a comfortable computing encounter.

With its widespread compatibility, the Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 is appropriate for a wide run of CPU attachments, making it a flexible alternative for both new builds and overhauls. Whether you are a casual client or an eager gamer, this CPU cooler is outlined to meet your cooling needs and lift your computing encounter.

Highlights & Benefits:

Progressed Cooling Innovation: The Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 utilizes progressed cooling innovation to productively scatter warm from your CPU, keeping it at ideal temperatures and anticipating overheating.

Smooth and In vogue Plan: With its smooth plan and RGB lighting framework, this CPU cooler includes a touch of fashion to your computer setup, upgrading the by and large aesthetics of your construct.

Upgraded Execution: By viably cooling your CPU, the Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 progresses its execution and guarantees steady operation indeed amid requesting errands such as gaming, video altering, and 3D rendering.

Calm Operation: The effective fan of the CPU cooler works quietly, minimizing commotion levels and giving a tranquil computing environment.

Flexible Fan Speed: The fan’s speed settings can be effectively balanced to coordinate your inclinations, permitting you to discover the ideal adjust between execution and commotion levels.

All inclusive Compatibility: The Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 is congruous with a wide extend of CPU attachments, counting Intel and AMD, making it reasonable for different computer frameworks.

Simple Establishment: With its user-friendly establishment prepare and comprehensive enlightening, introducing the Xigmatek Windpower WP1266 is speedy and hassle-free.


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