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Xtrike GH-509 Wired Gaming Headphone


Discover the ultimate gaming experience with the Xtrike GH-509 wired gaming headphone. Immerse yourself in high-quality sound and elevate your gameplay.


Wired Gaming Headphone in Pakistan

Encounter immersive gaming sound with the Xtrike GH-509 Wired Gaming Earphone. Planned for gamers, these high-quality earphones provide extraordinary sound execution and consolation for amplified gaming sessions. Whether you’re investigating virtual universes or locks in in seriously multiplayer fights, the Xtrike GH-509 gives the competitive edge you would like.

Highlights & Benefits:

Predominant Sound Quality: The Xtrike GH-509 is prepared with capable 50mm drivers that create wealthy and exact sound, permitting you to listen each detail in your recreations. Encounter practical blasts, strides, and exchanges, upgrading your in general gaming encounter.

Comfortable Plan: With a lightweight and ergonomic plan, these earphones offer long-lasting consolation. The flexible headband and delicate ear cushions provide a idealize fit, guaranteeing you’ll diversion for hours without distress.

Clamor Confinement: Submerge yourself completely in your gaming world. The Xtrike GH-509 highlights great clamor separation, blocking out outside diversions and permitting you to focus exclusively on the amusement.

Built-in Mouthpiece: Communicate along with your. partners easily utilizing the built-in omnidirectional amplifier. It captures your voice with clarity, guaranteeing clear and viable communication amid multiplayer fights.

Tough Development: The Xtrike GH-509 is built to resist the rigors of gaming. Made with high-quality materials, these earphones are planned to final, guaranteeing solidness indeed amid seriously gaming sessions.


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