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Ease ELC240 240MM ARGB Liquid Cooler


Discover the power of the ARGB Liquid Cooler for enhanced cooling performance. Experience optimal temperature control with the Ease ELC240.


The Ease ELC240 240MM ARGB Fluid Cooler could be a high-performance cooling arrangement outlined to keep your computer framework running easily. With its progressed fluid cooling innovation, this cooler conveys proficient warm dissemination, permitting you to thrust your framework to the limits without stressing around overheating.

Highlights & Benefits:

Predominant Cooling Execution: The Ease ELC240 utilizes a 240mm radiator and double 120mm fans to supply remarkable cooling execution. It successfully scatters warm from your CPU, guaranteeing ideal working temperatures indeed amid seriously errands.

Calm Operation: Prepared with low-noise fans and a noise-canceling pump, this fluid cooler works unobtrusively, minimizing diversions and making a serene computing environment.

Customizable ARGB Lighting: Include a touch of fashion to your framework with the customizable Addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting. Select from a wide extend of dynamic colors and energetic lighting impacts to coordinate your setup and make a outwardly shocking encounter.

Simple Establishment: The Ease ELC240 highlights a user-friendly plan that rearranges establishment. The all-in-one arrangement comes pre-filled and requires no support, making it perfect for both apprentices and experienced PC devotees.

Wide Compatibility: This fluid cooler is congruous with a variety of CPU attachments, counting Intel and AMD stages. Whether you’ve got a gaming fix, a mixed media workstation, or a substance creation setup, the Ease ELC240 will fit consistently into your framework.


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