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Alseye N12 Pro Fan Cooling Kit (6 pcs)


Discover the Alseye N12 Pro Fan Cooling Kit, a high-performance and efficient cooling solution for your system. Enhance your computer’s performance and prevent overheating with this reliable cooling kit. Get it now and experience optimal cooling performance.


Alseye N12 Pro Fan Cooling Kit in Pakistan

The Alseye N12 Professional Fan Cooling Pack is the idealized arrangement for keeping your framework cool and running easily. With six high-performance fans, this unit gives remarkable cooling control to guarantee ideal execution for your computer.

Highlights & Benefits:

Prevalent Cooling Execution: The Alseye N12 Professional Fan Cooling Unit highlights six high-quality fans. That provides a great wind current, viably disseminating warm. Keeping up moo temperatures improves the general execution of your framework.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Planned with progressed fan-edge innovation, the Alseye N12 Master guarantees whisper-quiet operation. Permitting you to center on your work or gaming without any diverting clamor.

Customizable Lighting Impacts: The cooling unit is prepared with RGB Driven lights, permitting you to personalize your system’s aesthetics. Select from a wide run of dynamic colors and energetic lighting impacts to make a captivating visual encounter.

Simple Establishment: The Alseye N12 Professional Fan Cooling Unit is outlined for hassle-free establishment. The included mounting brackets and screws make it basic to secure the fans in your favored arrangement, guaranteeing a fast and simple setup handle.

Flexible Compatibility: This cooling pack is congruous with different computer cases and CPU coolers, making it reasonable for a wide range of frameworks. Whether you’ve got a gaming fix or a proficient workstation, the Alseye N12 Professional is a perfect cooling arrangement.


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